Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh the Yarny Goodness!!!

I am doing the happy dance here! On Saturday I got my GORGEOUS yarn package from Fresh From the Cauldron - I joined two of her Yarn Clubs, the Vampire Sock Club and the Wizard of Oz Club. I had never tried her yarn before (other than to drool over pics of it online), and I am sooooo excited to be in these clubs now. Here are my first months items:

On the left is Forks (this is my favorite for sure!!) and then on the right is Bella. I had to pick 12 yarns that I'll get over the next 6 months and it was sooooo hard narrowing it down. I wasn't sure from the online pics about Forks, but in person - it is scrumptious for sure! I can't wait to knit something up with it and see it in all its beauty! Keelei is probably going to steal Bella for something for her - which I "might" let happen......we'll see.

And then for the Wizard of Oz Club, I got these beauties:

On the left is "No place like home" and then the right is
"Not in Kansas Anymore". And then that gorgeous case you see on the far right is a circular needle case and a giant lolli-pop:) I'm so keeping that hidden from my children.......

I haven't finished anything in a while. I'm mostly working on a pair of monkey socks right now for an online friend. I had all kinds of challenges with the first pair of socks that I planned to knit for her, so I ripped those out and the yarn was frustrating me like crazy, so I bought new yarn, picked a new pattern and away I am going. Here's a picture of sock #1 a couple of days ago (I'm further along now). I LOVE this yarn, it is Farmhouse Yarn's Fannie's Fingering Weight in the kaleidoscope colorway. I am just loving this colorway and how it is working up on Cookie A's Monkey pattern. I'm so going to have to knit myself a pair of monkeys someday.......


  1. oh wow!! Looks like its Christmas!! :) Looks absolutely gorgeous! :D

  2. Ooooh I'm in the Vamp swap too.. I got Charlie and Jacob this month! YUMM.... :-)

    Love your monkey's... I really need to try those....

  3. I am loving my Charlie too:) I think my 7 year old is claiming it for his winter wear goods.
    The monkeys are a GREAT pattern - love that it is interesting, but that I can watch a movie or something while knitting on it. I need to make a pair for myself soon.