Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Well, its been a while since I last posted. We had the flu fly thru our house at the beginning of March and then things just got all kinds of crazy busy here. My daughter is gearing up to take Drivers Ed., my older son started his first year of Little League (which my husband is assistant coaching), I'm busy with all kinds of church activities. I have gone to a High School CON (Conference) in Louisville,Kentucky; the District Annual Meeting in Muncie, Indiana; the Middle School CON at our very own Peoples Church in Kalamazoo, MI; along with lots of smaller stuff too. It has all taken its toll on my health - unfortunately my fibromyalgia has really been kickin' my butt with all of this busy-ness. I'm really struggling with whether or not to start taking some type of medication, whether it be for the Fibromyalgia, the depression that inevitably comes with it, or a combination of both. I think that I'm getting closer to going there - I'm just so stubborn when it comes to taking meds.......we'll see!

In the midst of all that busy-ness, I've done as much knitting as I can. I have a few things still in progress. So my WIP's (Works In Progress) are:
-Bella mittens for my niece (have one done, need to do the second one)
-a cabled bookmark (just need to block this)
-my baby sweater (just need to do the finishing touches around the neckline and weave in all the ends)
-My sweater (the body is done and I've started on sleeve #1)

I'm also working on a pair of socks for an online friend, I've had to abandon the original pattern I chose, as it just wasn't working for me, and I've picked a new pattern to give it another try. I think I'll like the new yarn I got for these better now too.

Now for some of the things I've finished since last posting......I've had some fun projects that I've done:
My beautiful Blue Scruncy Scalloped scarf (the pattern is from ) done in Malabrigo worsted weight yarn in the Jewel Colorway:

Then there was my Argyle Lace Hat (pattern out of the book Boutique Knits) knit in
ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca Dk Yarn in a beautiful shade of red. This was made for my friend Elizabeths Birthday. And I was so thrilled that she loved it!!! I loved knitting this hat so much, I've already bought yarn to make it for myself someday - someday when I feel like I don't have so many others to knit for that is.

I did finish the cute little hat to go with my baby sweater set (needed to feel like I had gotten somewhere with the whole project - LOL!)

A mobius Easter Basket for my daughter (as we stole hers last year to use as part of a last minute gift;) ), this is from the wonderful book by Cat Bordhi - A second Treasury of Magical Knitting. I SO love Cat's wonderful and amazing designs!!!

My first ever lace project - I'm so very proud of my cute little doily! Took me a while to get going, but once I got past the first 5 rows, I didn't have any issues at all with it! The pattern is the Little Flower Doily from BadCatDesigns:

And last, but certainly not least, is my adorable anteater! This was a request from my 12 year old nephew, Cameron - yeah he doesn't ask for the easy stuff, does he?! I haven't had the oppurtunity to give it to him yet, but I can't wait to. I really hope that he loves it though! I think he turned out so cute. The pattern is an oldy, originally the Small & Tiny Clanger by John S. Fletcher.

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  1. I had to leave a comment I LOVEEEEEEE your Knitting~! WOW~!!!!!