Monday, March 2, 2009

And back to the baby sweater

Well, I've been taking on little projects like crazy trying to avoid going back to this baby sweater. Don't get me wrong, I love the yarn, and the way things are looking, and can't wait for the finished project - but the thought of all the seaming and finishing work...........what can I say, I've been procrastinating!!! So, I picked it back up last night, and I finished the first sleeve this afternoon. So I'm ready to cast on the 2nd sleeve and then we'll go from there. I just need to stop putting it off and get through it!!!! Any advice on how to do that?

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  1. Hey! I came here through the RAK group on ravelry (I'm superwoman4002) I absolutely LOVE the colors of your baby sweater!!! I would have to say that those are my favorite colors together!! lol... and i do the same thing, i procrastinate all the hard stuff ;) lol... Can't wait to see the finished product!!
    Take care,